Wild Things™ Fuel Injector Controller by Dobeck Performance :: 9218

199.99 USD
Adjust your fuel injection system to accommodate exhaust system, air cleaner, or engine component mods.The Wild Things® Fuel Injection Controller is load-based and takes into account the load the engine is under. Even though you may encounter the same throttle positions at the same RPMs in different riding situations, the engine's fuel requirement will not be the same because the engine is not under the same load. The Wild Things® Fuel Injection Controller module allows you to tune the fuel injection much the same way you jet a carburetor.
  • The green "pot" functions like the fuel mixture screw & pilot jet on a carburetor to adjust light throttle operation
  • The yellow "pot" functions like an accelerator pump on a carb, adding fuel as the throttle is opened
  • The red "pot" functions like a main jet on a carb to add fuel on the top end
  • The RPM "pot" adjusts at what RPM the green & yellow fuel addition stops, & the red fuel setting takes over
  • Includes Scotchlock connectors allowing you to quickly & easily splice into your stock wiring harness.
Emissions Notice - Not for use in the State of California