Grantour Bag :: 4141

189.99 USD
This versatile bag is the ultimate companion for weekend trips or short tours. A semi-rigid internal framework serves two purposes. It helps the main compartment hold its shape – even when empty – & it provides adjustable lumbar support for the rider’s back. Large zipper pulls are glove-friendly & the retractable locking device keeps bag right where you want it. Made of 1200 denier & leather, the weather-resistant GranTour Bag comes with a rain cover for added protection.
  • Large, glove-friendly zippers
  • Weather-resistant, semi-rigid construction for durability and shape retention, with leather accents for style
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Eight separate compartments for packing
  • Retractable locking device to secure bag to bike
  • Includes: Bag, Passenger Seat Mounting Pad System, Adjustable Straps, Retractable Lock, Rain Cover & Backrest Pad
  • Dim: 14" deep x 20" wide x 18" tall
  • Cubic Inches: 3,744 
  • P/N 4141 
  • Passenger Seat with or without Backrest, Luggage Rack with Backrest